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Research Shows That Women Sleep Better Next To Their Dachshunds Than Their Partners

Research has shown that women may actually sleep better when they’re snuggled up next to their dachshunds rather than their human partners. According to a study by Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, women who share their beds with a dog report better sleep quality, greater feelings of security, and more comfort.

The study surveyed 962 adult women in the United States, 55% of whom shared their bed with at least one dog. The results showed that the women who slept with dogs reported less disturbance and stronger feelings of security and comfort compared to those who slept with cats or human partners.

It’s not just the physical presence of a dog that can help with sleep, but also the behavioral patterns of dogs. Unlike cats, which tend to be more active during the night, dogs generally have sleep patterns that are more in sync with humans. This means that when women sleep with a dog, they’re less likely to be disturbed by sudden movements or noises.

Of course, dachshunds aren’t the only breed that can help with sleep. Any type of dog that provides comfort and a sense of security can potentially improve sleep quality. However, dachshunds, with their small size and affectionate personalities, can be a great choice for women who want a sleep buddy that won’t take up too much space in the bed.

In conclusion, research shows that women may sleep better next to their dachshunds than their partners. The presence of a dog can provide feelings of security, comfort, and less disturbance, leading to better sleep quality. For women who struggle with sleep, a dachshund or other dog may be a valuable addition to their bedtime routine.

Written by Lyn Foster

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